August, 2009:

Labyrinth lunation logistics

Our labyrinth that we built with the community in 2002 at 27th Ave next to the ravine is in need of Lunations around it’s outer edge. We are making them them out of pebble mosaics – we need to make 28 mosaics with 4 lunations each to go around the labyrinth, lots o’ work and lots of opportunity to help out! We will be announcing workshop times soon. To see photos and short history of the labyrinth check out our new page. You can also join our labyrinth stewards the last Sunday of every month from 1-4pm to walk and care for our wild outdoor labyrinth

Great Instructors for Performance Intensive Aug 24-28

Click here for the 2010 Performance Intensive taking place August 16th-27th.

We are very excited about our instructor lineup for the advanced performance intensive class running from Aug 24-28th 2009. Three great instructors with amazing skills. We are particularly pleased to announce that Isabelle Kirouac from Carpet Bag Theatre in San Francisco will be teaching the Acrobatic stilt classes. We will also have Hoop goddess Ariel Anderson and Art Queen Jennifer Norquist back this year.

Some people have expressed a desire to attend part time so we have adjusted our schedule to make it possible to sign up for one or two of the three units that will happen at the same time each day. If you choose to sign up for just one class, please come early to warm up since other students will already be warmed up

Isabelle Kirouac

Born in Quebec, Canada, Isabelle Kirouac is a dancer and physical performer trained in acrobatic stilts, Contact Improvisation, butoh, release technique, improvisation and music. Over the last years, Isabelle has been performing and teaching in the US, Canada, Mexico, Ireland and Scotland with The Carpetbag Physical Theatre, best known for its acrobatic stilt dramas, and collaborating with Body Research, a company crossing the boundaries between theatre, dance, and self-exploration, using the disciplined study of Contact Improvisation as one of its main tools. Her practice has been imprinted by her studies in Canada, USA, Europe with Jay Ruby, Karl Frost, Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, Diego Pinon, Martine Viale, Lin Snelling, Andrew Morrish, Andrew Harwood, Peter Bingham, Karen Nelson (…) as well as her collaborative process with film/installation artists Daichi Saito and Karl Lemieux (Double Negative Collective) and the percussionist Chris Cogburn.


acrobatic stilts, Carpetbag Physical Theatre

This workshop includes warm-ups, training and exercises intended to bring awareness to the movement habits stilts require. We work with proper stilt alignment and gaits, and can move into choreography and transitions to the ground and back. The lifts and falls we do on stilts draw directly upon release technique and Contact Improvisation principles, a partnering movement practice that increase spatial awareness and responsiveness to weight and touch.  We will integrate Contact Improvisation into acrobatic stilt work, with an eye towards presence and performance application. Exercises for falling gracefully, effortlessly and safely to the ground will be taught along with a focus on partner work and physical theater techniques. The pace and the content of this work will be tailored to our participants.

Jennifer Norquist

jennifer forestspirit

This art and costume workshop includes designing and creating a costume or puppet from the participants own ideas and then developing the characters that we have created.  We will be using a variety of skills including drawing, sewing and performance.  Participants will be led through a process where they will be inspired and supported to realize their own creative vision, work together and build new skills.

Jennifer has been a dedicated artist her whole life and has developed a passion for working with community for co-creative art production.  Her main focuses over the past ten years has been puppetry, mosaics, costumes

and interactive performance. She has participated in many arts festivals, public and private art projects and has taught many workshops. She has a returned to Emily Carr University of Art and Design after a long hiatus and is currently in her grad year.

Ariel Anderson – Hoop, Poi and Flags

Ariel Anderson, photo Dale Reid

Ariel has been exploring performance art for the past 8 years, having

found her favorite channel for outgoing creative expression. She has been

dancing since she could walk, and has dabbled in many different movement

arts throughout her life, including mixed martial arts, belly dance,

ecstatic dance and yoga. Ariel found her passion in practicing hoop dance,

object manipulation, and intimate interaction with the elements. She has

performed at many local events and festivals such as the Moon Festival and

the Vancouver International Folk Fest. Inspired by life in a creative

community she continues to cultivate her skills and share her joy.

The Skill Toys workshop will be an exploration of hoops, mini hoops, flags

and poi. Participants will have the opportunity to build and expand skill

sets in these areas while finding the flow and the fun in playing with

these tools. Everything from the basics, to flow and dance, to tricky

tricks and silliness will be touched on in this workshop. The lessons will

be catered to each class and individual depending on the need. Be prepared

for some exciting new breakthroughs in your practice!