March, 2010:

Labyrinth Lunations almost done

The Renfrew Ravine Labyrinth is getting a new edging of mosaic lunations to reflect the Chartes labyrinth on which is modelled

We are aiming for installation completion and community celebration on Earth Day, April 22nd, 12 noon

more info on the labyrinth blog

The clouds parted and Spirit Fish was beautiful

Last sunday March 21st our Spirit Fish celebration of World Water Day started with pouring rain as we made our way to the site, but it stopped as we set up and by 2pm the sun came out and had our spirit fish tea party in the hot sun! It was beautiful! Now to get more people to be able to find this magic location!

Spirit Fish Workshop photos

Check out the photos of the Spirit Fish workshops at the Shadbolt Centre, with the Windermere Bike Club and the Athena 8 Field trip