World Peace Day in Steveston – check out the photos

World Peace Day - musicians played on the beach and Fish Out Of Water danced as we prepared the prayer boats and candles for the water

Still Moon had a wonderful day in Steveston yesterday. We spent the afternoon folding origami boats and cranes and talking with people about World Peace Day, Hiroshima 66 years ago, prayers for world peace and prayers for world water peace. Our first family of many many families was Japanese and they really appreciated the opportunity for their children, and they helped us remember how to fold cranes. Cranes are traditional to fold  as a prayer for healing. Ground Zero in Hiroshima is a beautiful park and all the trees are laden with clusters of 1,000 cranes that have been folded as prayers for peace and that no one else will ever suffer the horrors of a nuclear bomb. We also added folding origami boats as prayer for World Water Peace.

Still Moon origami booth at Gulf of Georgia Cannery

folding origami with Crecien

Fish Out of Water dance in front of the Cannery

parading with prayer boats and 1,000 cranes

Crystal and Clara dance past the fish truck

Lighting the candles in the boats .... or trying to ... the breeze was very capricious

origami prayer boat floating on the water

Shepherding a prayer boat

boats drifting into the reeds

Prayer boats in the reeds


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