October, 2010:

Despite Rain, Moon Festival was Beautiful!

The 2010 Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival was a beautiful display of lanterns, community performances, Renfrew-Collingwood’s diverse multiculturalism and our deep connections to the natural world.

The Harvest Fair at Slocan Park was perhaps our best attended ever and took place under a beautiful and clear September sky. We were treated to information booths from over 20 local and community organizations as well as musical, dance, and theatrical performances. Harvest soup was prepared and served by the Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute. The Harvest Fair competition gave out prizes in a number of categories including ‘sexiest squash’ and ‘biggest bean.’ Be sure to enter your home grown vegetables in the competition next year to win a variety of fantastic prizes! As dusk fell the Giant Moon Lantern was called forth and it gracefully glided across the field to lead the twilight lantern parade along the ravine route.

All along the way paraders were treated to lantern installations, community performers singing and playing their instruments and of course the natural beauty of the ravine in all its glory.

In Renfrew Park hundreds of lanterns lined, floated, and were hung by the creek. Over 15 salmon lanterns ‘swam’ upstream and at the end of the walk all participants were encouraged to write a ‘prayer for the water’ on a teardrop that was hung among the lanterns in the trees.

On Renfrew Field the Tea Garden supplied moon cakes, pumpkin squares, and tea while participants waited for the performance to begin.

Right on cue, just as the finale performance was beginning, the skies opened and a torrential downpour began. It seemed as if the water goddess had just apparently decided to answer our ‘prayers for the water’ right at that precise moment! While some of the guests ran to escape the downpour, the vast majority stayed to watch the finale performance. Down below, the creek level surged in the ravine, but up above the performers put on the shows of their lives; spinning fire, stilt dancing, and hoop spinning. All the while, the Renfrew Community Performance Ensemble’s music exploded into the night, and fireworks exploded overhead; in the ravine the water level had risen by over half a meter, was threatening to top the banks and was surging ferociously along the channel in a dramatic show of power which complemented our own performers magnificently.

Thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the 2010 Moon Festival, we are glad that you were able to share in the celebration of this magical place and time of year.

A special thanks to all of our volunteers, performers, and community supporters who made this event possible!

Hope to see you all next year in 2011 on September 17th!


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Renfrew Ravine Study Guide has Finally Arrived!

The elementary school study guide – “Not Just Passing Through” is finally available for download from our website, free of charge for individuals, school teachers, and community groups who are interested in teaching students about the unique gem which is the Renfrew Ravine.

The Study Guide investigates the ravine as both a destination and a corridor and deals to a varying degree with the issues of stream health, fish habitat, water infiltration and runoff, ecosystems, a changing land use and solutions through a number of hands on games and activities. The guide also includes background information on the ravine itself and all of the issues mentioned above so that anyone is able to present these materials to their students.

RR-NJPT Ver1.4.0 Size 4.3mb (Zipped PDF)

Please feel free to provide any comments or feedback on the resources to community.stillmoon@gmail.com. We hope to continue to improve this guide as we go into the future to make these resources the best that they can be and provide the best experience for the many users of the ravine.