Pre-Spirit Fish Nesting Bird Survey a Success!

On Saturday April 30th, some hardy volunteers conducted a Nesting Bird survey in the area around the Kensington Overpass to try and determine the types of birds present in the area and to minimize the impact of the festival upon birds during the nesting season. During the festival, areas where nests have been observed will be roped off and explained with interpretive signage in order to give sensitive nests lots of space.

Still Creek is home to many birds and other animals (including beaver – we saw one today!) and is a very important part of the local watershed.

We found all of the following birds Saturday Morning during the survey:

violet-green swallow, raven, towhee, robin, chickadee, mallard, wood duck, white-crowned sparrow, lincoln, sparrow, song sparrow, savanah sparrow, yellowthroat, downy woodpecker, coopers hawk, goldfinch, blue heron, crow, pidgeon, rufous hummingbird, lesser scaup, flicker, glaucous-winged gull, purple finch, red-tailed hawk, orange-crowned warbler, eagle, myrtle & audubon warblers, bewicks wren

Special thanks to Red Sara, Kevin L, Segel, and Pete for coming out and helping look for birds!

Be sure to check out the Spirit Fish Festival on May 7th 2011 12-4pm between Sperling Skytrain Station and the Kensington Overpass.

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