December, 2011:

Many Prizes, Many Winners

Congratulations to our 19 winners of the Raffle and thank you everyone for supporting Still Moon Arts

Have a great solstice! Participate in Secret Lantern’s solstice events

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!




Raffle Fundraiser

Support the Moon Festival and Still Moon Arts Society by buying a raffle ticket. 28 prizes in total — great odds of winning.

Tickets are 1 for $2 or 3 for $5 and the draw is happening on Friday the 15th.

Starbucks: 1 pound of coffee beans and 1 mug.
Starbucks: 2 tumblers
Uprising Breads: $25 gift certificate
Britannia Community Centre: Free swim voucher
Dilly Dally (Family-friendly Toy Store): $25 gift certificate
Lush: 8 packages of pre-wrapped gifts (split into 8 separate prizes)
Kernels: Coupon discounts
Marks Work Warehouse: Scarf and glove gift set
Boston Pizza: $20 gift certificate
Boston Pizza: $20 gift certificate
Universal Bakery: $40 gift certificate
Renfrew Community Centre: Free aerobics classes
A Flower’s Touch: Christmas wreath
Memphis Blues: Sauces and spice mix for meat
RONA: $50 gift certificate
Bikram’s Yoga: $25 gift certificate
Bikram’s Yoga: $25 gift certificate

Inspiration in Oaxaca, Mexico

I just returned from a month in the state of Oaxaca Mexico learning about their community celebrations and studying their textile traditions. I experienced the Day of the Dead Celebrations over many days in Oaxaca City and surrounding villages. It was wonderful to see how the whole community participated wholeheartedly in all aspects of the festival. There were school groups, youth, old people all celebrating together night and day and everywhere there was original art and live music. The whole city and all the villages and people’s homes were decorated with shrines full of flowers, sculpture and beautiful imagery.

One thing that I thought would be possible for us to do at next year’s moon festival is outdoor tapestries made of coloured sand or dyed sawdust. I will post more complete stories of my trip on my blog.

Here are a few photos of one tapestry being created