August, 2012:

Photos From the Performance Intensive!

Photos are posted from this year’s Performance Intensive summer day camp! Everyone had a ton of fun and learnt skills from walking on stilts to spinning poi to making costumes to hula hooping. We can’t wait until next year’s camp happens! Stay tuned for more information about how to register for next year’s camp, and in the meantime please feel free to click here and enjoy our photo gallery.

Harvest Fair

Do you want to show off your green thumb? Do you have a vegetable that you grew that deserves a prize? Bring your choice harvest to Slocan Park and enter it in the Harvest Fair to receive great prizes (and bragging rights)! The fair is running from 4-7pm and is organized by the Youth Committee, so come and enjoy the new and improved format. Good luck with the Harvest Fair Competition!


  • Most Sizeable Sunflower
  • Most Bountiful Flower Bouquet
  • Most Gorgeous Green Bouquet
  • Most Creative Fall Display
  • Tastiest Jam
  • Clearest Jelly
  • Most Alluring Asian Vegetable
  • Most Piquant Pickle
  • Most Cumbersome Cabbage
  • Tubbiest Tomato
  • Zaniest Zucchini
  • Heaviest Squash
  • Beefiest Bean
  • Craziest Carrot
  • Sexiest Salsa
  • Chunkiest Chutney

Join Evergreen’s Ravine Restoration!

On September 29th (Yes, the day of the Moon Festival!), Evergreen will be hosting a restoration party in the Renfrew Ravine. Participants will be able to help with water quality sampling and more, and will enjoy a walk to teach some history about the Renfrew Ravine.
It will start at 1:30pm on the slope between Atlin and Nootka at 27th Avenue and will end at 4:30pm at the Harvest Fair located at Slocan Park. The Harvest Fair has been revamped this year, organized by the Moon Festival Youth Committee – you won’t want to miss this!
Hope to see you there.