November 7th, 2017:

That’s a wrap! 5050 Joyce Pop-Up Studio

The 5050 Joyce Pop-Up Studio has been a dream come true for the Renfrew-Collingwood Community, as we have been working on an Arts and Culture Infrastructure plan for years. As soon as the signage and emails went out to notify people about the 5050 Joyce Pop-Up Studio, we received lots of interest from the community about the space.

Despite a short timeline and a limited preparation phase, the studio was able to quickly gather interest due to the need for arts spaces in the community and city. The 115 events as listed above made up 441.5 total hours of active use of the space. The hours broke down into 135 hours of work parties , 173.5 hours of public events open to the community , 76 hours of art studios , and 62 hours of meetings . These numbers represent 2,935 active person-hours over the course of the 10 weeks.