Renfrew Ravine Labyrinth

Overview: In 2002, we built an outdoor labyrinth at 27th Ave next to Renfrew Ravine and near the 29th Ave Skytrain station. We received support from the City of Vancouver to build the labyrinth. It is outdoors in a small grassy field next to the ravine. It is a Chartres style circuit and the pathways are defined by river boulders. The boulders make the walking paths fairly narrow but beautiful. After many years of people walking the path, the ground has become sculpted by all those steps. You really feel a part of the earth as you walk. In 2003, we created the central rosette in pebble mosaics. We were given a few small rocks from the quarry in France from which Chartres Cathedral was hewn. These stones are  set into the pebble mosaic rosette. In 2009/2010 we created lunations for the outer edge of the mosaic. We are currently partnered with Can You Dig It Still Creek Gardeners to maintain the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is used by individual community members and small groups. There are sometimes special labyrinth walks at solstice and equinox. Many people are introduced to the Labyrinth at the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival when the twilight lantern procession along Renfrew Ravine moves past the Labyrinth glowing with beeswax candles.

video by Nicole Ankenman

Labyrinth builders 2002 – Carmen Rosen, Paul Tigchelaar, Terry Tayler, students from Vancouver Christian School, Cliff and Dorothy Smith, Clara Chisholm, Isaac Rosen Purcell, Julie Cheng and family, and many other community members.

Rosette Creators 2003 – Carmen Rosen, Jennifer Norquist, Paul Tigchelaar,  students from Vancouver Christian School, Terry Tayler, many other community members.

Lunation builders 2010 – Paddy Fahrni, Windermere leadership students, neighbours along Atlin Street.

Labyrinth Steward coordinator 2006 – 2008 – Amaya O’Duir

Labyrinth Steward coordinators  2009 – 2011 – Paddy Fahrni, Terry Tayler

Labyrinth Steward 2012 – Chuck Damov




Last edit: August 2012

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