Our Team

Artistic Director – Carmen Rosen

Photo by Micah Field

Artist, performer, singer, and community developer, Carmen has been active in the Vancouver arts community for three decades. She is the founding Artistic Director of Still Moon Arts Society and the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival – a multicultural celebration of the environment, art, and community. She has a B.A. from UBC, a diploma from Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and is a graduate of the Collingwood Leadership Institute. She leads art workshops including summer fine arts Performance Intensive camps, a three year residency with Arts, Health and Seniors, workshops in schools, and stilt-costume creation with “vulnerable” youth in downtown Vancouver. She has been coordinating community celebrations in the Renfrew-Collingwood neighbourhood since 2000 and has worked on the “Spirit Fish” project using art to link neighbourhoods to their local waterways. In 2016 Carmen completed a public art piece called “Still Here” at the Skyway Towers Plaza, 2699 Kingsway.

Carmen was also the founder and co-artistic director of Mortal Coil Performance Society for 10 years – creating shows, designing costumes and giant puppets, performing, and booking stilt-dance shows all over North America. As a singer, Carmen performs, records and tours with Elektra Women’s Choir, and with the Slavic Soul ensemble Zeellia. Carmen’s visual art can be seen in the stone mosaic pathways around Renfrew Ravine, giant puppets and stilt walking characters at festivals and community parades and giant lantern installations at evening lantern festivals. Check out Carmen’s blog and her photos

General Manager – Bea Miller

Bea is thrilled to be part of the amazing community supporting Still Moon Arts Society. Bea values diversity, connection, communication, and inclusion, and brings a wide variety of community and arts-related experience to Still Moon Arts. This includes Youth Work in Richmond and doing outreach with folks with disabilities in Burnaby, New Westminster, and Vancouver as Community Connector. She has also trained for over 5 years as a facilitator using art for connection, self-expression, strategic planning, and human-centred design with both youth and adults. Her main inspiration for this work comes from Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. Prior to working with SMAS, Bea had the great pleasure to coordinate a project funded by the City of Richmond, teaching youth to weave fish from local plants and installing the resulting community-engaged sculpture at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site.

When not working with community, Bea makes textile art, including sewing, dyeing, and weaving: both on a loom and with plants to make baskets. She loves spending time in the Renfrew Ravine and keeps an eye out for edible and medicinal plants, both native and non-native.

Youth Committee

  • Angus Ho
  • Daisy Martin-Moore
  • Janette Chen
  • Maggie Fong
  • Katie Wan
  • Jasmine Garcha
  • Kim Ho
  • Anson Chow

Communications Committee

  • Chitha Manoranjan
  • Thea Sample
  • June Lam
  • Lucas Chan
  • Crecien Bencio
  • Sharan Pawa
  • Daisy Martin-Moore
  • Anson Lee



Board of Directors

President – Crecien Bencio

Kalajo – in my mother tongue it means to “come and join”.  I am Ibaloi and I descend from an Indigenous tribe of the Philippines. I work in community development in Renfrew-Collingwood, though my efforts are tremendously supported by the collective contributions of my family, neighbours, and friends.  Kalajo – Together, our relationships, our connections, bring light into our lives. Together, we walk in the history of this land, of our people, of our descendants. Together, we make our communities a brighter place to live.

Vice-President – Henry Lau

Henry has been involved with Still Moon Arts Society since grade 8 as a Moon Festival volunteer. He then eventually joined the Moon Festival Youth Committee, has been the production manager for the Moon Festival for 2 years, and now sits on the Still Moon Board. Henry was interested in joining Still Moon as a board member to help continue its work of engaging with the community and raising awareness of the environment through art which is both unique and worthwhile.

Treasurer – Janet Hall

Janet has lived in East Vancouver for over 40 years. As a parent she has always been actively involved in her children’s sports organizations and school activities. After retiring from her job in the Union she wanted become active in a local neighbourhood organization. Still Moon Arts Society was a perfect fit because of its approach to doing community involvement events which brought environmental awareness through art. She has been on the Board in the position of Treasurer for seven years.

Co-Secretary – Emily Chan

Emily has been involved with the Still Moon Arts Society since grade 8 as a volunteer for the Moon Festival, and since then has been an active Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival organizer, co-founder of the board’s Youth Committee and Communication Committee, and a member of various other committees. Emily is grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of the unique and passionate approach Still Moon takes when engaging with the community.

Co-Secretary – Chitha Manoranjan

Chitha is an intercultural community developer and a long-time resident of the Renfrew-Collingwood Neighbourhood. He was first introduced to Still Moon Arts in 2009 as a volunteer and has since shifted through many roles including the organization’s Youth Engagement Coordinator. He currently works to support organizations build inclusive communities and is also involved in various community arts and cultural initiatives.

Past-President – Terry Tayler

Terry has been active in the Renfrew Collingwood community for over 40 years. When she had a young family, Terry was involved in school committees and programs attended by her children. She was the founding president of Graham Bruce pre-school and for Collingwood Neighbourhood House. Terry remained on the Board at CNH for 10 years and continues to volunteer there in various capacities. In the mid 90’s she led a group of volunteers who started cleaning up Renfrew Ravine. A variety of community groups maintained the stewardship of the Ravine until it was eventually turned over to Still Moon Arts Society when it was formed in 2004. Terry was the founding president of Still Moon Arts Society. She is happy to combine her passion for the community, the environment and the arts in her role on the board of Still Moon Arts Society.


Ann Hepper

Ann is a musician, bookkeeper and parent. She is a long time member of the Vancouver Community Gamelan and has performed at the Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival with a small gamelan group for several years. She has been a fan of the Still Moon Arts Society for years and is very happy to have the opportunity to help with its interesting and valuable work.

Albert Chiu

Albert is a lawyer with a downtown Vancouver law firm. He has lived in the Renfrew-Collingwood area for over 20 years and has always had an interest in local art and culture. He joined Still Moon Arts Society as a way of contributing to the community that he has grown up with. On the weekends, he can often be found exploring the rapidly-changing neighborhood while walking his frisky Shih Tzu-Poodle.

Terry Lam

Terry is currently a first year student with a passion for filmmaking. He first got involved with the Still Moon Arts Society through the youth committee. His experience with Still Moon has allowed him to feel more connected with his community. Terry is currently one of the leaders of the youth committee along with his lovely partners of Angus Ho, and Cindy Chen. Along with filmmaking, Terry also has a passion for athletics – specifically in basketball and ultimate – and magic. So if you happen to meet Terry one day, maybe he’ll perform you a trick!