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Making Mooncakes: a delicious tradition!

IMG_6610With the 11th Annual Moon Festival now officially less than week away, we decided to spend our last Saturday before the big day by making mooncakes! In two sessions taught by Jimmy Chiang and hosted at Collingwood Neighbourhood House, community members were able to immerse themselves in the classic art of mooncake-making. Two types of mooncakes were offered, each in their own workshop. One was the signature Hong Kong style of mooncakes, and the other was a distinct Snow style. Participants had lots of fun getting know what goes into each mooncake and how it’s done!

Check out the rest of this post for photos of the day! (more…)

Slocan Music Festival & Bulletin Board Building

IMG_1289Last Friday we were excited to have a booth at the first ever Slocan Park Music Festival, where we were eager to share a fun arts project for the entire community to participate in.

After applying for a Neighbourhood Small Projects Grant with Suzo Hickey from the Art House in the Field collective, we were able to gain funding to put together a community bulletin board.

IMG_1283As the east wall of the field house at Slocan Park often gets tagged with graffiti, we thought it would be a perfect spot to mount the board. With this in mind, we decided it would be fun to create a salmon-shaped bulletin board and invite the community to decorate it with us! (more…)

Smooth Sailing at Still Moon

At Still Moon, we do our best to be as resourceful as possible. We are often given the chance to flex our creative muscles when old, unwanted, and interesting objects come into our possession. As a result of the numerous ravine-cleanups we’ve done, for instance, a variety of things have turned up, including but certainly not limited to bottles, couches, clothes, car parts, and even the rusted remnants of a record player. With a little thought, sometimes objects like these can be re-purposed for unique recycled art projects. Last week, however, we received an item that might prove to be one of our biggest challenges yet.


A 20 ft by 40 ft sail. (more…)