Lantern Workshops

Photo by Jenn Lin

Photo by Jenn Lin

Create beautiful lanterns under the guidance of experienced local artist Yoko Tomita, Joy Hanser, and Jacquie Rolston (depending on the day).

No need to sign up beforehand – just show up at the door and you’re welcome to participate! For all workshops, please ensure that young children are accompanied by a grown-up helper.


Schedule of workshops:
*all workshops 4-8pm at Slocan Park Fieldhouse, 2750 E 29th Ave (next to the 29th Ave. Skytrain station)

Dates to be announced in August 2017.

About the Lantern Types:

Globe Lantern: A globe lantern can be formed in an evening and left to dry over night.  The next day requires about 20 minutes to finish it and add the candle. Price: $15

Globe Lanterns - photo by Ben Rosen-Purcell

Globe Lanterns – photo by Ben Rosen-Purcell

Salmon Lanterns: These lanterns are made from wire and require more patience as a frame needs to be built with wire and then tissue paper applied over the frame. Yoko will help you master these technique. Price: $25

Salmon Lanterns - photo by Jenn Lin

Salmon Lanterns – photo by Jenn Lin

Glass Jar Lanterns: These lanterns require only a jar and some wire, meaning you can learn with us and continue creating at home! Materials provided. Price: $10

Glass Jar Lanterns - photo by Ben Rosen-Purcell

Glass Jar Lanterns – photo by Ben Rosen-Purcell

Advanced Lanterns: Attendees will be able to challenge their previous knowledge of lantern-making by delving into use of bamboo, wire, and other advanced materials. Price: $25

Advanced Lanterns – Photo by Zora Feren


  1. Tina says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if the workshops start right at 4 or if we can drop by around 6 and still be able to participate? We’re thinking of coming to one of the globe lantern workshops.

    1. Henry Lau says:

      Definitely! Anytime between the 4PM and 8PM works to make a lantern.


  2. Teresa says:

    Do you need to have attended one of the other lantern sessions before going to the advance one on the weekend?

    1. Henry Lau says:

      Hi Teresa,

      You don’t need to attend any previous lantern workshops to attend the advance lantern making session, as the instructor will be able to help you through the process. However, any previous skills and experiences from creating handmade projects would definitely be helpful! Please feel free let us know if you have any other questions.


  3. Sesame says:

    I like to make the salmon lantern but won’t be available until next week, is it possible ?

    1. Carmen Rosen says:

      there is an advanced lantern workshop today from 1-4pm at Slocan Hall2750 east 29th ave., and you could get started on a salmon lantern. Next week the lantern workshops get very busy and it is hard to devote instruction time to a more complicated lantern form, so we only teach the simpler lantern forms

  4. Colleen says:

    Hello there! Is the 1-4pm advance workshop also held at Slocan Park Fieldhouse, 2750 E 29th Ave (next to the 29th Ave. Skytrain station)?? Thank you!

    1. Carmen Rosen says:

      yes the workshop is at 2750 East 29th Ave. thanks for checking in!

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