Pollinator and Dye Plant Garden

About this project

As part of the Renfrew Ravine and Community Park Master Plan, some areas of the ravine are being enhanced through replanting native species and creating a more accessible space for the public. One of those spaces is the strip of the ravine just south of Renfrew Community Centre along E23rd and E24th avenues, by the yin-yang bench. Previously, this area was overgrown with blackberries, but the Parks board has now removed the blackberries to prepare for the Master Plan changes. As a result, pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and birds have lost a valuable food source in the area. Currently, the Parks Board has plans to start work on the site again in the fall, but until then the Parks Board has granted Still Moon Arts permission to start a temporary garden that will grow until October.

This project, spearheaded by the volunteer Youth Stewardship Committee, allows us to help ensure a food source for our local pollinators over the summer, while also providing us with plant materials to create natural dyes which will be used in future dye workshops. In addition, the presence of wildflowers will also help enliven the space for local neighbours, so they they may still be engaged with the space despite the loss of the blackberries. As this garden is temporary, we have decided to grow all our plants out of burlap sacks.

How you can help

To help grow this garden and ensure there’s even more food for our pollinator friends this summer, for every $5 donation we receive towards this project, we will be able to add another burlap sack of wildflowers to this garden. Your donation will go towards supplies for this project, as well as supporting the Youth Stewardship team maintain the garden over the summer. To acknowledge your support, we will attach a small message to the pollinators on your behalf to the burlap sack you have sponsored.

In order to donate to this project, please visit our store here and select the Bags for Bees item.

A special thanks

We would like to thank the Vancouver Parks Board, Renfrew Park Community Association, West Coast Seeds, and Ethical Bean for their generous support for this project and helping us turn this into a bee-autiful space!