Still Creek Stories

What is Still Creek Stories?          

SCStories-pictures-smStill Creek Stories is book published by Still Moon Arts Society that is a collection of community stories, art, and history relating to Still Creek, Renfrew Ravine, and our neighbourhood.                                  

We want to share the incredible stories about Still Creek and Renfrew Ravine, some of which were previously forgotten, unheard, or lost, and others that had yet to be discovered. From childhood memories in the ravine to the celebrated return of the salmon to our waterways, the book will feature the many experiences of art, nature, stewardship, and more from Still Creek, as well as the community that has blossomed it.

How did this project begin?

The idea for Still Creek Stories first began in 2013, envisioned as a way to chronicle the amazing stories of our neighbourhood. Since then, Carmen Rosen, the Artistic Director of Still Moon Arts Society, has been researching the history of Still Creek, as well as meeting and connecting with community members to collect stories for the book.

Who is involved with this project?

The Still Creek Stories project is supported by funding from the BC Arts Council, and we are working with Still Creek Press to print the book. We are also working and consulting with community members from all over and beyond our neighbourhood, including neighbours, artists, historians, volunteers, and many others, all of whom have our deepest thanks for contributing their time to this project.


Where can I buy it?

You can purchase the book on our online store, which can be found here.

For any inquiries or more information regarding Still Creek Stories, please contact us through

Still Creek Stories Performance

Renfrew Ravine is the home to many memories about how this natural space has served as a place for community reflection, inspiration, and connection. Still Creek Stories Performance are a way to animate these experiences and tell these community inspired stories through dance, poetry, music, vocal body, theatre, and ephemeral art. During July of 2016, Still Moon Arts Society invited aspiring youth performers share two of the days to learn interdisciplinary techniques to expressing their creativity under the mentorship of artist/vocalist Carmen Rosen and director/choreographer Isabelle Kirouac, singer/dancer Laura Crema, and visual artist/musician Robin Lough. Click here to see some photos from the performance!

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