Street Murals

Background of the Street Mural Project:

For the past 15 years, Still Moon Arts has been dedicated to the stewardship and restoration of Still Creek that flows through Renfrew Ravine. For the past 2 years, in celebration of chum salmon returning to spawn in Still Creek, Still Moon has collected stories and hopes for the ravine and the stream. The resulting compilation of stories was showcased by painting a street mural that shows where the ravine flows in pipes underneath Ravine Street. This year, we are continuing this legacy by bringing street murals to other locations where Still Creek has been buried beneath roads such as Euclid Avenue and Moss Street, and Lillooet Street and 20th Avenue. We want to invite the community to share their stories with us and each other and leave a lasting reminder of Still Creek and Renfrew Ravine. The artist team behind the murals are Suzo Hickey, Yoko Tomita, and Carmen Rosen.

For more photos of our Street Murals Project, please visit our photo gallery.

The First Street Mural: Ravine Street

Ravine Street Mural

Ravine Street Mural

The first street mural was painted on Ravine Street, located at the South side of Slocan Park. This mural showcases the ravine which flows through pipes directly under the street. The invitation to assist with painting was extended to community members, neighbours, aspiring artists or people walking by to come out and either help or enjoy the mural. Painting started on July 16th 2014, and was completed a few weeks following. It received a lot of support, and the community members loved to have the chance to participate in everything from the planning to the painting. The local Renfrew Park Community Centre day camp that ran out of the Slocan Park Fieldhouse also participated in the painting of the mural.

On July 23rd 2014, Still Moon hosted a celebration event for the finished street mural. Everyone met at Collingwood Park, and then paraded to Ravine Street to showcase the recently painted street mural and enjoy an evening of music, food and art with neighbours and the community.

The Second and Third Street Murals: Lillooet Street and Moss Street

Lillooet St. Mural

Lillooet-20th Ave. Mural

The second and third street murals were painted within two weeks of each other. Lillooet Street was painted in a flurry of two days: July 10th and July 11th, 2015. On July 12th, 2015, a community celebration took place at the mural to celebrate the work of the artists. The third street mural was painted at Moss Street on July 17th and July 18th 2015, with the community celebration on July 19th.

Euclid-Moss St. Mural

Euclid-Moss St. Mural


Again, both murals were well received and the two days witnessed a large amount of neighbours and residents come by to learn more about the project and get

their hands dirty with the painting. Leading up to both murals, there were community input sessions for neighbours to drop by for a visioning and brainstorming session.





The Forth and Fifth Murals: Nootka Elementary School and Collingwood Park Fieldhouse

In 2016, the Street Murals Project continued with two murals in the neighbourhood, and while they weren’t on the streets per se, these murals still highlighted some of the historical sights of Still Creek.

Nootka Elementary Lost Streams Mural

For the Nootka Elementary School mural, we were approached by the Nootka PAC to paint a lost streams mural onto the Nootka playground with their students. We had the opportunity to collaborate with artists Yoko Tomita and Suzo Hickey, as well as the parents, teachers, and hundreds of students from Nootka Elementary. While we were at Nootka, we also painted the earthquake bin with images of the stream and salmon. A big thank you to the Nootka PAC for inviting us to highlight the lost stream that once flowed across the school grounds.



Collingwood Park Field House Beaver Mural

The Collingwood Park Beaver Mural was done in partnership with artist Willoughby Arevalo, and supported by Collingwood Neighbourhood House, the Vancouver Parks Board, and the many volunteers who spent time helping paint the mural. The mural was painted on the Collingwood Park Field House and acknowledges the history of the land and serves as a reminder of Still Creek’s ongoing presence underneath Vancouver’s concrete jungle.


The Fifth Mural: Cheyenne Street

Cheyenne Street Mural

The latest addition to our Street Murals Project is on Cheyenne Street, just across from the Cheyenne Street Community Garden. In August 2016, we hosted a design jam to hear what the neighbours wanted to see painted on the streets. After the session, we were excited to move forward with the ideas we’ve gathered.

Our fifth mural was done in partnership with the Renfrew-Collingwood Food Security Institute, and supported by Collingwood Neighbourhood House. Cheyenne Street was painted in a span of two days: July 13th and July 15th, 2017. The stream seeps and dribbles from the garden, spears down towards the road, and springs over the sidewalk. In addition, community members, local artists, neighbours and youth got their hands dirty with the painting, adding salmon and benthic invertebrates along the way. Upon completion of the mural, we ended the night with a celebration.